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With over 40,000 visitors a month, advertising on provides your business with targeted exposure at a third of the cost of advertising through print media. For more information on’s business products and services, email us at

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Not sure if your website is producing actual leads and positive results for your health and fitness business? Let’s comprehensive lead generation and email marketing solutions capture data for your businesses own customer appreciation programs, drip campaigns, email alerts, newsletters, marketing campaigns and more. 



With over 52 years of experience in health and fitness and unparalleled expertise in fitness equipment, is the “go to” website for all your fitness equipment and health & fitness related needs, including valuable fitness industry information on equipment portals, e-commerce, QR codes, custom websites, online marketing and more. is constantly evolving and growing, serving as a complete health and fitness products and services company. Built with the aim to alleviate the challenges fitness business owners face, is your ideal site for gym equipment information.

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