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Five Benefits of Chatbots/Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence and Why Chatbots Rule the World

The use of Artificial Intelligence and automatic Chatboxes may support your brand and enhance user experience while automatically linking to existing content on your site. Our Chatbots do all of this intuitive work while solving user issues… instantaneously.   

Your clients, customers, gym members and fan will receive relevant information quicker and with fewer clicks. 

5 Benefits of Chatbots in Fitness Marketing

Since the Internet is 24/7 and visible 365 days a year, your business should be, too. The same reason certain why some health clubs are open 24/ explains why gym owners and athletic directors need to be available to sell memberships and/or provide instant information to sales prospects. 

1. Save on Cash Flow

Labor costs are notoriously tough on fitness studios and small neighborhood gyms or distributors; staffing costs a bundle. Imagine  an AI automated robot  answering all your prospects questions and providing real-time data and a link for membership - in one click.

2. Enhance Social Media

Slash your response time to problems or online questions to enhance the social media experience. It is only natural for disgruntled customers or very motivated clients to  share their issues – or joys or feedback - on social media platforms. As a result, Chatbots help you more rapidly respond to dissatisfied customers to neutralize messaging.

3. Convenience is Key

An online chat system provides customers immediate access to help. Wait times on a Chatbox tend to be less than a call center, and customers may multi-task while waiting. And you finally do not have dial a 1-800 number and navigate through a maze of numeric options is non-existent.

4. Smoke Your Competition

In order to gain an edge, websites that offer live chat bots simply rise to the top. Most of your competition hasn’t really registered the future inpact of instant automation. In fact, Chatbots provide the simplest ways to connect with customers who spend most of their time and money shopping online. 

5. Personalize the Promise

Modern Chatbots allow brands to send out auto replies to customer service in the blink of an eye! If not rolled out correctly, the user experience could be much worse even with chatbots.  It depends on what your audience is looking for. Chatbots are not a solution for poor customer service. And as you continue to target specific audience demographics, you need to build the confidence of your audience as they engage.

Efficient Chatbots can help drive or shape the user journey towards an intended outcome – but with great power comes great Chatbot responsibility. You profoundly need to think through and identify what communications and outcomes your specific audience is looking for.  Contact soOlis to help orchestrate your Artificial Intelligence for health and marketing solutions. Click here for more information, or call 877-789-8773.




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